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As we work together on your project, we’ll undergo several phases to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards. Here’s a brief overview of each one. Have a question? Get in touch.

Wrap-around porch house design

Phase Overview

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Phase 1 of 6

Schematic Design

We’ll review the specifics of your project and prepare documents that illustrate the scale and character of your project.

Steps Breakdown

1. Review Program
2. Review Applicable Codes
3. Prepare Initial Evaluation
4. Review Initial Evaluation
5. Preliminary Concept Design
6. Schematic Concept Design
7. Estimate of Construction Cost
8. Submit Schematic Design

Phase 2 of 6

Design Development

As the design of your project develops, we'll outline the systems and elements needed while reviewing applicable codes and estimates.

Steps Breakdown

1. Design Development Documents
2. Continue Review of Applicable Codes
3. Update Estimate of Construction Cost
4. Submit Design Development

Phase 3 of 6

Construction Documents

Prepare detailed documents outlining the construction requirements and gather your bidding information.

Steps Breakdown

1. Drawings and Specifications
2. Review Applicable Codes
3. Bidding Information
4. Update Estimate of Construction Cost
5. Submit Construction Documents

Phase 4 of 6

Permits & approvals

We'll work with you to get your project on track to obtain any necessary permits and approvals.

Steps Breakdown

1. Building Permit Application
2. Other Applications
3. Agency
4. Comments by Authorities

Phase 5 of 6

Bidding/ Negotiation

Let's find you the right contractors to bring your project to life.

Steps Breakdown

1. Pre-qualification
2. Bidding/Negotiation

Phase 6 of 6


We'll oversee your project to completion to ensure all requirements are met, from the timeline to inspections and everything in between.

Steps Breakdown

1. Limited General Review
2. General Review
3. Site Meetings
4. WSIB Certificates, Bonds, and Insurance Policies
4. Construction Schedule
6. Schedule of Values
7. Payment Certification
8. Construction Contract Documentation Interpretation
9. Shop Drawings and Submittals
10. Supplemental Details and Instructions
11. Requests for Information (RFIs)
12. Proposed Change Notices/Change Orders and Change Directives
13. Inspection & Testing Services
14. Substantial Performance
15. Deemed Completion
16. Contractor's Close-out Documentation
17. Takeover Procedure
18. Warranty Review

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