Carrots N' Dates Exterior photo




One Storey: 1,650 sq. ft.

Estimated Construction Cost


Construction Start

Winter 2021

Construction End

Summer 2022

Carrot’s N Dates Bistro

Carrot’s N Dates Bistro

Cornwall, Ontario

This brick-and-mortar restaurant has taken an old clothing store and modernized its interior and exterior for a new vegan/vegetarian bistro located in the heart of downtown Cornwall, ON. It is an addition to Cornwall’s food culture and provides a healthy, hand-crafted alternative to nutrition. Its primary location is in Windsor, Ontario. Cornwall’s Carrot’s N Dates is the second location of the franchise brought to the City of Cornwall by a local investor looking to contribute to Cornwall’s development.

Pink leafed tree in the middle of Carrots N' Dates
Carrots N' Dates garage door
Carrots N' Dates Building Plan
Carrots N' Dates bowl
Carrots N' Dates Interior Fit Up