The Davidson Grant Passive House exterior




One Storey: 1,765 sq. ft.

Estimated Construction Cost


Construction Start

Spring 2023

Construction End

Winter 2023

Project II

Davidson Grant Passive House

Maxville, ON

The Davidson Grant Passive House project consists of a single-storey residential building meeting the passive house standards requirements. Similar to Project I, this high-energy performance dwelling is constructed with a slab on grade, exterior insulated concrete form walls and a heavily insulated truss roof system with a vented attic. The design of the dwelling supersedes the minimum building code requirements for energy efficiency by 2x and above. The use of this standard will reduce the building's required heating demand to less than 15kWh/(m2a), approximately 90% less than a conventional residential home, in turn, reducing energy cost and fossil fuel use.  Attention to detail for construction details, high-performance materials and carefully planned installation methods has amplified energy efficiency, indoor air quality and overall comfort.